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Access to additional products that are not typically covered under prescription savings cards:

  • Cosmetic agents (Hair loss, wrinkles)

  • Weight loss agents (Anorexiants)

  • Diagnostic agents (HIV and Pregnancy tests)

  • Dietary products/ Nutritional supplements

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Fertility agents

  • Growth Hormones

  • Medical devices & supplies (Respiratory, Ostomy, Dialysis)

  • Anabolic steriods

  • Compounds

  • OTCs (excluding insulin & diabetic testing supplies)

  • DESI Drugs (Non-FDA approved medications)

  • Non-Essential Drug List

  • New-to-Market Drugs & Compounds

To assist you and your pharmacist, please read the following Helpful Hints:

  • Text your card to your Phone for easy access, or print and store in your wallet or purse.

  • Present your card to a participating pharmacy provider to receive a discount.

  • If your pharmacy has questions concerning the process, please have them call the CerpassRx Pharmacy Help Desk at (800) 880-9988, which is also printed on your discount card.

CerpassRx is the prescription manager whom processes your prescription claims.

Search your prescription drugs with the FREE Drug Lookup Tool powered by CerpassRx. Download the mobile app – CerpassRx Member Portal – or visit online at and click the member portal button. For online users, enter the email address: and password: Pramrx1!.

Everyone in the household can use the same card.