About Us

Our consultative approach assures our clients the exact level of benefits needed, providing the greatest value while reducing risk and eliminating unnecessary costs. Insurance doesn’t have to be confusing and frustrating.

Insurance & Benefits Advisors was founded to serve individuals and families, as well as the self-employed and small to medium-size businesses clients, with the same specialized benefits typically available only to large corporations. As a benefits consultant to small businesses, Gina Simms experienced the frustration of dealing with “out of the box” benefits offered by many brokers. As she advocated and fought for her business owners and their employees,

she found that while costs skyrocketed and benefits decreased, fewer brokers were willing to “sharpen their pencils” to meet their clients’ needs. Insurance & Benefits Advisors offers all larger national carriers as well as smaller local carriers to provide options without bias or limitations. “We don’t make our clients fit the plans, we make the plans fit our clients.”

With a large team of specialized brokers licensed in most states throughout the United States, we are available when and where you need us. Headquartered in the Central Florida area, we travel to any location in the state for face-to-face meetings and serve other states with phone and video conferences.

Some Carriers That We Represent