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Open Enrollment is beginning … AGAIN!

If you missed Open Enrollment, or want to change your plan, this is your chance!
Beginning 2/15/21, you may change your current plan or enroll in a new plan.

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Let’s find options to meet your needs.

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

  • Many insurance carriers are waiving deductibles and coinsurance for Coronavirus testing.
  • Many insurance carriers are allowing early prescription refills.

Stand alone prescription coverage with exclusive FNGLA member pricing is available.

  • The CDC offers recommendations for Coronavirus Guidelines here:
  • To follow CDC recommendations, some insurance carriers and medical providers are recommending Telemedicine service whenever possible.  Telemedicine is a service with FREE calls to a medical doctor, on call 24/7, who can write prescriptions.  Telemedicine service with unlimited FREE calls to a medical doctor for the entire family is available for 19.95 per month.

Our office is open 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have or assist with enrollment. 
Many plans are available with NEXT DAY effective dates.

Your FNGLA membership now provides more value than ever!

You asked for it. FNGLA heard you.

Insurance & Benefits Advisors is proud to offer you exclusive preferred pricing

and services for your health insurance needs. Your membership entitles you

to plans and benefits unavailable to non-association members.

Whether you need a full employer benefits package or a simple individual plan,
we offer free consultations, plan reviews, and quotes.
Let’s build a plan to cover your specific needs within your budget.
One size fits one! It can be done!

Need basic coverage now? Use the self-enrollment links below for a few of our plans. ▾

  • Guaranteed Issue
  • 100% Coverage for ACA mandated Preventive Services
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • Available in 44 states & D.C.
  • First Health PPO Network


  • 4 Primary Care Dr. visits with only a $25.00 co-pay
  • Discounts on Labs, Vision, and Hearing and Dental
  • ICE Tracer – Medical Record Identification

Only $22.85 per week

PRAM: Your prescription drug coverage solution

  • $0 Annual Deductible on Generic Medications
  • LOW Retail & Mail Copays
  • Service in nearly all 50 states!
  • Fully Insured & Budget Friendly
  • Guaranteed Issue

Only $5.61 per week.

Accident Medical Expense gives you the coverage you  need to pay the high out-of-pocket medical bills following  an accident.

  • $10,000.00 of Accident Medical Expense Coverage with only a $250.00 deductible.
  • Pays on or off the job!
  • No limit per service, up to coverage benefit level of 10K.

Only $4.26 per week per person.

  • The My LIFE Wellness Plan offers you quality, convenient, affordable care. A member-ship offers you savings on a  wide range of health care products and services.

  • FREE Telemedicine, and Discounts for Diabetic Supplies, Lab Services, Prescription Discounts, and Cell Phone Repair!

Only $4.50 per week for the ENTIRE FAMILY!

Choose 1, a few, or all of the above. Custom packages to meets your needs and your budget.

BEST Value benefit package including Wellness 360, Fully Insured PRAM Prescription Plan, Accident Medical Expense PLUS Family  My Life Wellness. Only $37.84 per employee per week

That’s less than $1.00 per hour!

Please call 407-595-8986 for more information  on your FNGLA  Member Benefit Options.

Click Below to See Member Savings ▼

Click Below to See Member Savings ▼

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 Please contact us for a free consultation, plan review and quotes.

Let’s find options to meet your needs.













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